Backs disinfectant against coccidia and worm eggs

Applications: Backs disinfectant is ideal for all space in lofts, poultry and rabbit hutches, cages and baskets as well as transport.

Spectrum: Backs disinfectant effective against coccidia, worm eggs, bacteria such as E-coli, salmonella, streptococci, Pseudomonas bacteria, coliform bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Instructions for use and dosage: remove animals from shock or from the stable and clean the surfaces impact or stall. 30 ml Backs disinfectant to 1 liter of water to. Spray the spray on wet surfaces to be treated. After drying, the surfaces of the blow or ventilate the barn and back fill.

Special Notes: It is recommended that at least two strokes and disinfect stables twice a year. In addition, it is strongly advised by the blows and stables coccidia treatments for worms or disinfected to avoid re-infection of the stock of eggs excreted. The disinfectant should be here about 1 week after cessation of treatment.

Caution: Protect from frost!

500 ml

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