Backs lecithin

is rich of polyunsaturated fatty acids. While digesting Lecithin decreases oil drops, so that fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins can be better absorbed and used. Lecithin superior role in the fat metabolism of the liver. Deficiency of lecithin results in excessive fat deposition in the liver and, in consequence, irregular liver function and kidney dysfunction. Moreover, lecithin shortens the time of muscle recuperation.

Complementary feed for pigeons

Composition: linseed oil, propane-1,2-diol

Analytical constituents: 68,7 % Crude oils and fats, 14,9 % Moisture content, 0 % Crude ash, 0 % Crude proteins, 0 % Crude fibre, 0 % Sodium, 0 % Methionine, 0 % Lysine

Additives per kg: Technological additives: E322 lecithine 450000 mg

Instructions for proper use: Mix the feed with Backs Lecithin +. Administration is recommended three times a week during the weaning of young birds and also to separated young birds. During the racing season and the during moulting period administer twice a week.

Dosage: Add 5 ml once a day to the feed for 20 pigeons.

Shake before using, store at room temperature and protect from light!