Backs Air

our new product for the upper respiratory

Complementary feed for pigeons

Composition: dextrose, garlic extract, barley solubles, elder extract

Analytical constituents: 96,6 % Moisture content, 0,1 % Crude ash, 0 % Crude fibre, 0 % Crude oils and fats, 0 % Crude protein, 0 % Sodium, 0 % Methionine, 0 % Lysine

Instructions for proper use: Spray Backs AIR moderately over the feed in the seed box while the pigeons are feeding.During the administration pay attention that it is just a light drizzle. The pigeons shall not get wet. If there are problems spray the feed twice a day for four days., thereafter once a day for four days. During the racing season spray the feed once a day at the day of basketing and on the two days after the race. During the moulting and breeding period and also in winter spray the feed once a week.

Store cool and protected from light!

Volume: 500 ml